Freshers 2019/20 Student Wristband
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Freshers 2019/20 Student Wristband

Sunday 29th September
00:00 - 23:45


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Event Details

The Unit 1 Exeter 2019/20 Student Wristband, granting you free entry for the year and two free drink vouchers for just £10.00!

Secure your wristband for the new student year now, and you'll receive FREE ENTRY before 11:00pm and £1.00 off after 11:00pm on any Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday events from September 23rd 2019 until May 2020!

Show your ticket at reception to claim your wristband and drink vouchers.

Valid ID must be provided. We accept UK drivers licences, passports and PASS scheme cards.

*Excludes promoter events, Freshers Week, Gala nights, Halloween & NYE