Quids In presents VK Electric Tour

Quids In presents VK Electric Tour

Thursday 25th October
22:00 - 02:30

Event Details

Appearing all over the country this year, VK Electric is the freshers tour your can’t afford to miss!  

Wild confetti drops, amazing giveaways and only the biggest tunes, the night will glow with electric lights, energy and colour.  This is VK Electric Freshers 2018.  

Quids In Thursdays at Unit 1! The only £1.00 session in town!

Drink Offers:
Selected drinks just £1.00, before 12:00am! (£1.50 thereafter)

Admission Information:

£1.00 entry before 11:00pm
£3.00 entry before 12:00am
£4.00 thereafter